Settling in Canada is interesting but challenging. Getting the professional advice is an absolute necessity. We are committed to providing the new immigrants to Canada with continued PROFESSIONAL ADVICE AND BEST DEALS on a wide range of settlement services depending on their needs and wants.








Buying/renting a home
We can help you to buy a home in the neighbourhood of your choice in close proximity to schools and public transport system.
Applying for a mortgage/home loan
We have the expertise to help you get the right mortgage product to suit your needs.   
Obtaining life insurance and other insurance coverage
Insurance products are important for you and your family to secure the life that you wish to live in Canada even facing eventualities.
We have the   experts to advice and provide you with right insurance policies
Buying or renting a vehicle
You may need a vehicle based on your family size and your individual need. You may want to buy or rent a vehicle.
We have experienced people to help you get the best vehicle to suit your needs at an affordable price.
Getting storage facilities
You may need to store your household or other goods brought from your home country for a temporary period of time until you move into your dream home in Canada.
We have experienced people that can help you to get suitable storage facilities. 
Finding employment
This is a challenge for most newcomers to Canada. Finding the most suitable job for you in Canada based on your skill set needs professional advice to prepare your resume and get your credentials evaluated. We have the expertise to guide you through this process to make finding a suitable job easier.
Obtaining health insurance
As a newcomer, until you receive your Canadian health card, you need to have your own health insurance cover for a period of three months since you land in Canada. We have the experts to help you get this temporary health insurance policy in Canada
Starting a business in Canada
Forbes ranks Canada as the best country to do business (Forbes, October 2011). If your dream is to set up a business in Canada, our team with over 20 years experience in Canada can provide you with advice and resources to do so.
Air travel and freight forwarding
When you are ready to come to Canada, we have experienced partners in the air travel and freight forwarding business who can help you with the best deals.
We have a professional team of experts in different fields – namely, residential and business real estate, mortgages, insurance, education, motor vehicle sales, rent a car business, storage services, employment, business consultants, travel and freight forwarding experts to help you get the professional advice and best deals.
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